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Vacation…All I Ever Wanted


It’s that time of year.  When all your friends and family are taking vacations.  It begins as soon as school ends for the summer.  First, Facebook is full of graduation pictures from Preschool to College.  Then before you know it, everyone is talking about going on vacation!  Where they’re going, who they will see, where they eat, what they eat, the beach, the sun, the fun.

Well, now it’s MY turn!

We are leaving tomorrow to go visit 1) A daughter and her family and then 2) Good friends who are about to be stationed in Germany for maybe three years.  We’re going from the Midwest to the East Coast.  It’s going to be a beautiful, fun and busy trip and we’re so looking forward to it.

Now, my boss has a little tradition that he has to do before he goes on vacation.  He has to have a little in-office celebration (rubbing it in?) by playing the following song and having a little dance (remember it from National Lampoon’s Vacation?):

Me? I’m more of a Go-Go’s kinda girl:

Either way, I’m outta here.  Glad to be off work, traveling with my hubby and seeing family and dear friends!  And yes, if you are “friends” with me on my personal Facebook, there will be pictures of it all! 😀

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Hello! Life is running at a very fast pace these days.  Just a few things on my busy mind today:

  • My MRI got rescheduled AGAIN!  This is the third appointment I’ve had for this.  All changes coming from their end.  I guess the machine isn’t working properly.  At the risk of being redundant I want to tell you… NICE MATTERS.  I spoke to this same woman (see “Perspective”) yesterday.  She repeated that it’s a relief that I’m at least nice to her.  Poor lady must have really been attacked a lot lately with all their issues.  Even the X-ray department at the same facility isn’t being very understanding with her.  So now I have X-rays and MRI on Tuesday.  If they don’t get their machine issue fixed by then, I’ll have to reschedule my surgery until later in the summer.  They need 4-6 weeks between MRI and surgery to create the new knee.The lake looks like a cat to me. Does anyone else see it or am I crazy? Don’t answer that.
  • Next Friday my husband, our oldest granddaughter (almost 11) and I are going on vacation.  We’ll be traveling to a little lake in Michigan where my uncle owns a
    The lake looks like a cat to me.  Does anyone else see it or am I crazy?  Don't answer that.

    The lake looks like a cat to me. Does anyone else see it or am I crazy? Don’t answer that.

    small cabin.  I’ve heard about this cabin at the lake most of my life, but never been there.  Wasn’t so sure it really existed! 🙂 Not only do I get to finally see this famous location which is rich with family history, I will also be reuniting with many family members!  Family I haven’t seen since I was a little kid.  I saw a few of them 10 years ago when my dad died.  But that wasn’t exactly a nice visit.  Far to brief and hurried.  I’m very emotional about the reunion and the lake.  More on that later for sure!

  • As I said, my almost 11-year-old granddaughter is going.  I’m so excited about this too!  It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for her.  And she’s my Wilderness Woman and will love the lake.  Last night I asked her to model her swimming suit for me.  I knew it was a two-piece and I needed to see it on her to know if it was appropriate for a family reunion.  It was very disturbing on different levels to see my little girl in a bikini!!!  Disturbing first of all because, well, my LITTLE GIRL WAS WEARING A BIKINI!!!  Equally as disturbing is the fact that it flipping looked good on her.  I’m so used to seeing her in jeans, tshirts and jackets that I forget she’s already…well, you get the idea.

What’s new with you?  How are your gardens doing?  Remember to find me on Facebook and share your pictures!!

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