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So, I’m a little over eight weeks post knee replacement surgery #2.  I’m back to work full time.  I had my last official physical therapy last Thursday.  I’m still working on getting the knee to straighten well, but bending is good.  First knee replacement was the opposite.  I could straighten well, but not bend much.  That worked out and I have confidence that this will too.

I still have a lot of recovering to do, but it takes time.  Everything post surgery went much better the second time around.  Which is an answer to prayer!  I still get stiff and sore and tired at work by the afternoon.  But that will work out too.  I need to move around more instead of just sitting at my desk.  I need to also do the necessary homework as given by my physical therapist.  That will help a lot.


A few weeks ago I dreamed that hubby and I were visiting a local market.  This market offers heirloom seeds, veggies, regionally produced homemade products, and it has a great cafe.  We go there often and our garden was grown with mostly heirloom seeds and plants from the market.  In my dream we were browsing around the shop.  Just like normal people.  I had a little red shopping basket on my arm and was strolling leisurely around, looking at all the different displays.  Big deal, right?  However, my brain snuck into my dream and told me…”You can’t do that.  You can’t walk around the shop like that, your knees hurt too much.”  The dream me heard that loud and clear and began to remember b878ea2840cccf0a603673400db9143dshe couldn’t do what she was doing. And then I woke up.  Dream over. Sigh… A very vivid and upsetting dream.  It’s been years since I could completely walk around even a small shop like this one.

Today, my husband and I went to the market cafe for lunch.  Delicious as always.  But my real motivation for being there was to shop.  I deliberately and leisurely walked through the various displays.  Looked even at ones I’d seen before.  We stopped at the fresh homemade dry pasta and bought some.  As I’d done in my dream.  I even bought a market t-shirt just because.  I began to have a very surreal experience as I slowly moved in and out of the lovely display areas.  When I came to the front window of the shop I stopped and took it all in.  In my dream (of course it was a dream and everything looked different!) I’d paused at this window and looked at a wine display.  In reality, there is a wine display just to the right of the window.  I paused at the window…looked out…took note of the reality that I was doing what I hadn’t done in years…gave a sigh and a little “thanks God”. (Neener neener voice in my head!!)  When we got to the check out I noticed the stack of little red shopping baskets.  Darn, I should have grabbed one! Just to enhance the dream-come-true affect. haha  Also of note is the fact that I did this without a cane.

Ladies and gentlemen… I have achieved a major victory!  Not only a physical victory, but an emotional and psychological one as well. On our way home, hubby asked if I wanted to walk around Walmart with him.  Well, no.  Not yet ready for that, but it’s a little further down the list.


This is a song that’s meant a lot to during my surgery and recovery.  Granted, I’ve not faced anything like those in the video. But I’ve fought a battle nonetheless.  Enjoy:


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