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I’m Still Here!

Hello! Did you ever think I was coming back? I do apologize for my post-surgery absence. I guess I’m not much of a writer if I can’t write during the roughest days. I partly blame the wonderful pain meds that have kept me in a fog. They truly have been the boss of me. And that’s OK! The alternative would be unbearable pain. And I ain’t goin’ there.


The good news is…I’m doing much better than I did after the first knee replacement in April of 2012! Hallelujah! Better muscle strength and proper pain management drugs have a lot to do with that.

I had my surgery done at a “surgery center” as opposed to a hospital. This means that its out patient and they ship you out the morning after. They think this is a good thing. I do not. I’d much rather stay for a few days than come home and climb the stairs. But it is what it is and I think we’ve finally mastered the best way up and down the stairs. Only took us 10 days and the second surgery to figure it out. ūüėČ


I have a wonderful physical therapy team. Sometimes you see the main dude; sometimes a team member. I started PT one week after my surgery. It’s always an awful experience getting down stairs and out to the car. But knowing I was already at a more advanced stage than I was the first time was encouraging. It didn’t hurt that my young PT team member looked a little like Jake Gyllenhaal! Maybe it was the drugs, but he really does.

PT following my first surgery was a nightmare. Both for me and for the therapists. I had no muscle tone after years of bone-on-bone knees. Turned out that severe pain caused me to scream and cry. Not a pretty sight. So this time everyone was amazed at how well I’m already able to move. No screaming or crying…yet. ūüôā


I had my first follow-up appointment yesterday. First of all, it’s out of town. No fun traveling yet. Very uncomfortable in the car.

My first knee incision didn’t show stitches or have staples. They must glue it shut somehow. I remember my irrational fear that it was going to stretch too far and rip open. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that this time I had 20 staples under the bandage! This, of course, was not a concern to the nurse or doctor. They didn’t understand why it was a big deal for me. Um, because no one told me I had 20 staples in my knee!! Sigh.

The nurse took out my staples. I was really hoping that this one part of the experience would be pain free. But no…it hurt. Sharp poking and burning 20 times over. More sighs. This part just wasn’t supposed to hurt! But it’s over. She finished by smearing on some nasty red-orange goo and adding a row of butterfly bandages. It all makes look worse than it did with staples. And it stinks!

I’m so thankful that I’m doing better than the last time. God is good! Today I’m out on the back porch enjoying a perfect weather day. Blue sky. Nice breeze. Low humidity. It’s a simple thing, but it really makes me feel better. In fact, I’m writing outside on the ol’ iPad and I just saw a gold finch! We never get the gold ones, maybe they like the sunflowers??


We’ve so enjoyed this garden! Right now we have more peas to harvest. And we’ve had an abundance of cucumbers. The large tomatoes are finally turning red and I think we’ll enjoy some simple BLTs In the next few days. And my sunflowers are beautiful!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Again I thank you for all your kind thoughts during my surgery. You’re the best!



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I woke up this morning, too early of course, and was feeling the same uneasy anxiety I’ve been feeling for weeks. ¬†Tomorrow is my second total knee replacement surgery. ¬†I do not yet know what time my surgery will be. ¬†They’ll call me some time today and let me know. ¬†That doesn’t help the anxiousness! ¬†When talking to hubby about how it would be nice to know, we decided it really doesn’t matter. ¬†Not for this day. ¬†We’ll know before it’s bed time tonight and that’s all that really matters. ¬†My little bag will be packed and ready whether I have to get up at 5:00 a.m. or I’ll be able to sleep for a while.

While getting ready for work this morning I was listening to KLOVE Radio. ¬†As I usually do. ¬†I’ve heard the particular set of songs many times, but today the meaning of some of the peace-signlyrics meant so much more to me than usual. ¬†The words of the song writers were so comforting and encouraging. ¬†If you listen to Christian music, you know that many of today’s writers are inspired by Scripture. ¬†So it feels as if it’s God’s Word in song, touching my heart. ¬†I’ve had the radio on all day at work too. ¬†Which is also the norm. ¬†Songs I’ve heard every day forever… hearing in a new light today.

Peace. ¬†I’ve got peace today about my surgery. ¬†God is so good! ¬†I know what I’m going to go through. ¬†But I also know that a few things will go differently. ¬†Because I know what is coming and I know what to say to the nurses and doctors tomorrow. ¬†I know what I need to speak about…loudly if need be. ¬†And I know what to expect once I get home. ¬†Do I WANT to go through any of this? ¬†Heck no! ¬†But I still have a peace today that passes all understanding. ¬†God’s Peace.

Don’t fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns. Before you know it, a sense of God’s wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life. Philippians 4: 6-8 The Message

And that’s that. ¬†I doubt I’ll be blogging for several days. ¬†I look forward to touching base with you all again soon! ¬†Remember to find me on Facebook for updates until then!

Also, a huge THANK YOU to all of you who have left me encouraging messages.  Your kindness means so much!


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Not sure what to say today so I’ll just start typing…

I was awake way too early for a Saturday. ¬†The ol’ body made me get up and then that was the end of sleep. ¬†My brain kicked into full worry mode. ¬†So many emotions surfacing as my surgery date approaches.


Last night, as I climbed the stairs to go to bed, I realized that my “new” knee (replaced April 2012) was hurting much more than the “old” knee I’m about to have replaced! ¬†In fact, the old knee was great! ¬†What the heck?! That just doesn’t make any sense. ¬†Same thing this morning, the new knee is much achier than the old one. ¬†This just makes me want to cancel the surgery soooo bad! ¬†But I know I have to go through with it. ¬†The knee is in terrible shape. ¬†I’ve had bone-on-bone for years. ¬†But still…there’s that voice…”maybe I could wait longer” it says. ¬†So there’s that going on in my head.

I have a ton of work to do in the next few days.  Both at home and at my office.  I plan to go to the office at some point today to try and get a few things done on a non-office-hours day.  Yet, here I am.  Typing away.  Still practically in my jammas! haha


We have three grandkids at our house this morning. ¬†Another reason I got up early. ¬†It’s so good to see them. ¬†This is a “special” weekend in their family. ¬†Tomorrow marks the birth of their oldest sibling. ¬†She would have been 13 this year. ¬†Would have been. ¬†A very long story that I won’t go into today. ¬†Short version is, we lost our first little grandgirl when she was just a precious 3 1/2 months old. ¬†I am very happy to spend a little time with these particular grandkids today. ¬†Also, so glad to see them all together before my surgery. ¬†Might not see them for a while. ¬†My surgery is on our oldest’s 11th birthday. ¬†Then we have two other birthdays coming at the beginning of August. ¬†AND… we have another grandbaby about to be born in Virginia. ¬†I will miss all these things. ¬†So there’s THAT going on in my head too. ¬†Three birthdays and a BIRTH day. ¬†Sigh…


All in all, it’s OK that I didn’t get much sleep last night. ¬†It’s OK that I had to get up early. ¬†After Wednesday, I will have plenty of “Saturdays”. ¬†I’ll be in a pain medication fog for many days (weeks?) and have nothing to do but rest. ¬†And read. ¬†I have my Kindle stocked and even ordered a new paperback that wasn’t available on Kindle. ¬†And blog! I really need to make an effort to blog through the journey this time around!

Have a great weekend everyone!  Hug your loved ones a little tighter and cherish every moment.

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 I asked Eden (11) what kind of picture I should use on my blog today.  "A minecraft chicken" she said.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...a Minecraft chicken.  You're welcome.

I asked Eden (11) what kind of picture I should use on my blog today. “A minecraft chicken” she said. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…a Minecraft chicken. You’re welcome.

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Hello everyone,  I have a few new followers, EXCITING!  Welcome to all!

The final countdown begins. ¬†Two weeks from tomorrow I have (another) total knee replacement surgery. ¬†My first was in April of 2012. ¬†Every day I think “I don’t want to! ¬†I don’t want to!” ¬†But my knee reminds me each day in it’s own special way that I must go through with it.

I’ve done the MRI and X-rays, the pre-labs and pre-registration. ¬†And today I scheduled my first week and a half of physical therapy (PT) appointments. ¬†Dread.

And that’s all I have to say about that. ¬†Except to request your prayers.


Let’s see, what else is going on? ¬†Yesterday was hubby’s 50th birthday. ¬†Now we’re the same age again. ¬†Shhh, don’t tell anyone! ¬†I look so much younger than him. ¬†Giggle! No gray hair here folks! ¬†Ask my stylist. ¬†ūüôā

Anyone on Twitter? ¬†I follow Melissa Gilbert (of Little House on the Prairie fame). ¬†She’s just like the rest of us on Twitter. ¬†(@MelissaEGilbert by the way). ¬†She’s humorous, shares pictures of her life and food as we all do. And passionate about the things she believes in. ¬†Recently she began blogging and disclosed that she’s beginning the hormonal stages of menopause. ¬†IT’S LIKE WE’RE TWINS! haha I highly recommend you follow her.


The weather in Iowa is hot and humid. ¬†Which means the garden is in heaven! ¬†In a days time we’ll have ginormous zucchini where there was just a flower. ¬†It’s hard to keep up with this time of year. ¬†A little overwhelming for us. ¬†But then we knew it would be. ¬†Maybe we’ll set up a fresh produce stand in the front yard?

That’s really all I’ve got today. ¬†Some random A.D.D. thoughts. ¬†Thanks for stopping by!

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You've all seen it before... but it makes me laugh every time!  Have a great week.

You’ve all seen it before… but it makes me laugh every time! Have a great week.

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A dear friend of mine posted this today (I say as I copy it word for word without asking her!):

3 years ago I began a journey to a healthier me.
In the process I was told I was selfish, I was called ugly names and I was accused of terrible things. 
But I did it.
I lost 92 pounds. 
Without a gym.
Without supplements. 
Without support. 
Without praise.
Without accolades.
I did it with a healthy diet and daily exercise. 
I did it for me. 
Then I had a little setback. 
Spent a year nursing 3 bulging discs in my back and found out that I have Lupus.
Between the depression and the steroids, I put 30 pounds back on.
Today I’m starting over.
But this time, I’m not alone.¬†
This time I have a small, but mighty team in my corner cheering me on! 
3 years ago, I overcame some emotional hurdles that seemed insurmountable, but I cleared every one with quiet determination. 
This year I have some physical hurdles that seem HUGE!! 
But….this time I have 3 very supportive, loving people pushing, helping & praying for my success.¬†
I’m not going to subject all of Facebook world to updates of every meal, workout and blister.
This is my journey. 
I just wanted to thank the people that cared enough about me to push me back onto the path and love me enough to walk beside me for the duration. 
I got this. 
WE got this! 

I won’t share with you some of the personal details of her life over the last few years. ¬†But please know that she is a caring, honest, sincere friend. ¬†She’s the real deal. ¬†She’s a strong mother to adult children and a great grandma to their children! ¬†She’s a blessing as a girlfriend and I’m honored to call her that.Proverbs 31

I tell you this today to ask you all to be in prayer for my friend. ¬†She’s strong, one of the strongest. ¬†But she needs the love and support that comes through the prayers of others.

Thanks everyone!

Have a wonderful week!

Remember to find me on Facebook.

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Hello everyone!

We have a couple of the grandgirls over this weekend while their mom works. ¬† ¬†No big adventures planned, just time together at home. ¬†The weather is perfect, the sky is blue. ¬†They’ve had fun playing outside and even got in the little wading pool and splashed about for a while. ¬†The four-year-old is watching a movie (grandma hopes she’ll fall asleep for a nap). ¬†The old wise one (Eden who is almost 11 and I’ve written about many times) is out on the shady porch with her Kindle. ¬†No harm in a little time alone like that. Good times just hanging out at home. ¬†Here are a few things going on in my life…


The garden is overflowing! ¬†Well, most of it is. ¬†Some things never did grow. ¬†And if they did, they didn’t grow fast and big enough to hold their own and were over taken by things like zucchini, tomatoes, potatoes, and the trilogy of broccoli, cauliflower and brussels sprouts. We’ve harvested small quantities of green beans and sugar snap peas this past week. ¬†Today we ate a small amount of the peas with some delicious bean dip. ¬†(RECIPE HERE¬†AT AN OLD BLOG OF MINE) ¬†Feels so healthy to eat fresh from the garden!


Our first harvest of green beans. So delicious sauteed up with some prosciutto.


Potatoes as far as the eye can see. Well, from this angle anyway! The little white butterflies danced over these flowers all morning today.


Sugar Snap Peas! Get in my belly! ūüôā


Homemade bean dip with fresh herbs and those beautiful fresh-picked snap peas. Yummmmmm


This week the oldest grandgirl… Eden, you remember her. ¬†Got a hair cut. ¬†Big deal? ¬†Well, it was. ¬†She got exactly eight inches cut so that she could donate it. ¬†I’m so proud of her. ¬†We will send it to either Pantene’s Great Lengths or Alopecia as suggested by our hair stylist. ¬†We’re told that the Locks of Love program charges for their hair. ¬†Whereas the other programs give it for free. ¬†As we have not yet researched, we can only take her word for it.



Last chance to change her mind...

Last chance to change her mind…

It's done!  See how the front of her hair was more blond? (top of the picture)  Bittersweet to see it go.

It’s done! See how the front of her hair was more blond? (top of the picture) Bittersweet to see it go.


Ask her to “smile” and this is what you’ll get. haha


That’s better. My beautiful girl. Love!


She gave exactly eight inches to be donated.


This photo shows my youngest daughter who is now 28-years-old. ¬†She had to be four or five in the picture. ¬†She is on the LEFT in the red outfit. ¬†On the RIGHT is her daughter who is 2 3/4-years-old and was taken a few days ago! ¬†I can’t stop looking at this remarkable comparison.

My daughter Rachel (28) on the left when she was four or five-years-old.  On the right is HER daughter who is 2 3/4-years-old.  Amazing!

My daughter Rachel (28) on the left when she was four or five-years-old. On the right is HER daughter who is 2 3/4-years-old. Amazing!


The date is set for July 31st for me to have my second total knee replacement surgery. ¬†My last one was done in April of 2012. ¬†Still dreading it. ¬†But it’s obvious that it must be done. ¬†I’ve had my MRI and X-rays, the pre-lab work and pre-registration. ¬†I have a “physical” on the 22nd with a doctor chosen by the surgeon. ¬†Which is weird, but whatever. ¬†ūüôā Really counting down the days. ¬†There’s SOOOOO MUCH TO DO before then! ¬†Both at work and at home. ¬†Stressful times. ¬†Prayers appreciated.


And as always, remember to find me on Facebook and share your garden pictures there.

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It seems like weeks since I’ve written, and it has been a while since I offered anything of substance.

We had a vacation.  A very brief one, but vacation nonetheless.

My husband and I and our (almost) 11-year-old granddaughter traveled to southwest Michigan to attend a reunion for my dad’s family. ¬†To a lake where my uncle has owned/rented a cabin for decades. ¬†He has been a part of this lake and cabin… sorry, “cottage” is what they call it… his whole life.


In 1948 when my uncle was 17 or 18-years old, he and my grandfather helped build this cottage. ¬†My grandfather was in charge of construction. ¬†It’s built on land belonging to the family of my uncle’s childhood friend. ¬†My uncle spent many summers at this lake with this family so it was natural for him to be part of the construction. ¬†This section of the lake is named for that friend’s family as their ancestors settled it. ¬†Make sense?

In the 1970’s my uncle took over the rental. ¬†Four generations of his family have now enjoyed summers at the cottage. The cottage and lake are everything you’d hope them to be. ¬†Perfect and picturesque.

I had never been to the cottage. In fact, I don’t believe my dad was there but one or two times in my lifetime. ¬†Last year I found a Facebook group for the lake and joined. ¬†Shortly after I saw that there was a new book about the lake. ¬†A long-time lake resident had compiled history and current stories and published a book. ¬†YES of course I ordered one! ¬†What a great book! ¬†Original founders, settlers and history along with many stories of current families. ¬†Near the end of the book was OUR story! ¬†It took me nearly a half an hour to read the short article through my tears. ¬†You see, I had no idea of the cottage’s history. ¬†And this was the first photo I’d ever seen. ¬†It was a very emotional thing for me.


I was finally beginning to find some of dad’s family on Facebook. ¬†Not long before finding the lake group, I had set up a group for just us. ¬†My dad was the oldest of seven children. ¬†Only three are still with us. ¬†One uncle (cottage owner) and two aunts. ¬†My aunts are on Facebook and told me that they were organizing a family reunion at the cottage.

I left home when I was seventeen. ¬†I haven’t seen most of this family since before then. ¬†My dad passed away in 2003 so I did see many then. ¬†But that was very brief and a funeral lunch isn’t exactly time enough to visit and get caught up.


We traveled on Friday to meet everyone at a local VFW for a catered dinner. ¬†I knew it was going to be emotional, but… wow! ¬†To walk into that room and see aunts, uncle, cousins, and extended family was overwhelming.

As I hugged my aunts I caught a glimpse of one particular cousin across the room. ¬†As she came up to me and we hugged I couldn’t stop the tears. I hadn’t seen her since I was a little girl. ¬†She is just enough older than me that we really had nothing in common. ¬†Yet here we were, after reconnecting on Facebook, embracing as though we’d always been best friends.

This dinner was a wonderful time of fellowship, stories, family trivia, and tribute to those no longer with us.  My uncle and aunts sat at a head table.  Just the three of them at a long table with chairs enough for those who are gone.  As my uncle stood behind each chair he talked about a specific missing family member.  Very moving and very fitting.


As I said, I’d never been to the lake and was anxious to see it. ¬†After Friday’s dinner, we make a brief visit. ¬†I told hubby that I couldn’t go to bed that night without seeing it. ¬†Didn’t want to wait one more day.

To get to the cottage you drive through a quiet wooded portal into another world. ¬†Yes, I said “portal”. ¬†It’s a long, bumpy, winding road through the woods. ¬†As my uncle said, it “…looks like no one should live there…”.

Then there it was. ¬†It is, indeed, a perfect little lake. ¬†We arrived as the sun was beginning to set. ¬†My granddaughter went right down the steps and to the water. ¬†She was also anxious, and her love of nature took her to look for critters. ¬†As she walked along the water’s edge I told her not to go too far. ¬†But she was quickly out of our view and had to be called back. ¬†The serenity of the lake and my first look at the cottage was surreal. ¬†All my life I’d heard about this place and now here I was. ¬†We just stood and soaked it all in and snapped a few photos. ¬†We didn’t go in. ¬†It didn’t seem right until everyone was there.


We all gathered at the cottage on Saturday. ¬†Some who were not at dinner on Friday came. ¬†I recognized a cousin’s voice before I saw him! ¬†My uncle’s children, their children, and their children. ¬†Four generations. ¬†My granddaughter, whom I call “Wilderness Woman” was itching to get in the water. ¬†Fishing was her priority. ¬†Soon my cousin offered to take her fishing out on the lake in a kayak and off they went. ¬†They brought back a couple beauties.

Strange how, even though we’d not been together since I was a kid, it all felt so right. ¬†So familiar. ¬†Family is like that I guess. ¬†Much laughter, many stories, many old photos. ¬†It was determined that the trait that pushes the family men to tease is, in fact, genetic. ¬†It was all familiar, but I also learned new stories. ¬†Stories of the cottage, of the family business, of my own father. ¬†I heard about an emotional side of him I sadly did not know.


Some of the family left on Saturday evening or were leaving first thing Sunday morning. ¬†We had planned to stay Sunday as well. ¬†¬†It was late in the afternoon. ¬†Many of those who had stayed had now left. Others who stayed were getting pretty tired. ¬†The kids were off swimming somewhere. ¬† A boat approached the cottage’s dock. ¬†It was the woman who had written the book about the lake! ¬†You see, I had emailed her and invited her to stop by. ¬†I owed her a big thank you for the book and for giving me a piece of my family’s history.

It took me only an instant to realize that she’s quite a character. ¬†Southern. ¬†Animated. ¬†A little exaggerated. ¬†A little louder volume than most. ¬†But kind and lovely! ¬†After a brief visit up to the cottage she asked me if I’d been on a tour of the lake. ¬†When I said I hadn’t, and told her the only boat wasn’t really reliable, she exclaimed “Whaaaat?!” and instantly invited me onto their boat. ¬†The look on my tired family’s faces as I told them I was going with her was priceless. ¬†I trusted her and her husband so off I went. ¬†My own hubby stayed behind as he wasn’t feeling well.

Our first stop was to pick up my granddaughter from where she was swimming, but at the last second she decided she didn’t want to go and off she swam like a mermaid.

We cruised around the lake towards their house as she told me about each house/cabin and gave me quick stories of their history and owners. ¬†All of which appear in the book, but it’s better first hand. ¬†We docked at their house to allow her grandchildren to get off the boat and to get a new tank of fuel. ¬†In the few minutes that took a very dark rain cloud came over us and it began to rain. ¬†Hard! ¬†So we had to hold out in one of their little cabins. ¬†The rest of her family went to the main house while she and I stayed on the porch of the cabin. ¬†Rocking and talking. ¬†She may be a little over-the-top but she’s a wonderful woman. ¬†So hospitable. ¬†So kind. ¬†So knowledgeable of the history and stories of the lake. ¬†It took her about a year and a half to write the book. It takes a personality just like hers to visit each family and ask the right questions.

At one point she talked about her own history in a southern Indiana/Northern Kentucky area. ¬†I stopped her and said, “Wait a minute…” and told her that my mother was born there! ¬†Same town! ¬†I thought she’d jump out of her chair with excitement at the revelation that we had this in common. ¬†A great moment that still makes me smile.

The rain was about over, so we continued the lake tour. ¬†It was brief as the rain really had not subsided. ¬†What I saw and heard was from beneath a large umbrella. ¬†God bless this couple for their hospitality and willingness to befriend a stranger so easily. ¬†It was a crazy adventure and I loved every minute of it. ¬†I’ll always have a lake friend.


Sunday evening I said my final goodbyes to the family who remained.  My uncle had left while I was on my lake adventure.  Just my aunts, a cousin and a few of the extended cousins remained.  Everyone was so tired, it was a long weekend for them as hosts.

We left Monday morning but not before taking a drive around the lake roads to see what we could see. ¬†Other homes, cabins, and views. ¬†I kept saying “that one’s in the book” and made the comment “that one’s for sale” more than once. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Then, one more drive through the quiet portal in the woods that leads to the cottage. Only a couple of third cousin kids were at the cottage so we didn’t stay but a few minutes. ¬†Just long enough to say goodbye and take one last look at the lake. ¬†Sigh…

Back through the wooded portal into the real world and on the road home. ¬†Looooong road home. ¬†Even though it’s only about a five-hour trip, we were all anxious to not be traveling. ¬†We took a short side trip to let grandgirl dip her toes in cold Lake Michigan and eat lunch and then continued home.


In the days we were gone our garden thrived, growing a ridiculous amount.  My daughter had stayed at the house with the dog, but he was beside himself with glee to see us.  Our granddaughter was exhausted but had an experience of a lifetime.  She was in her element for sure and enjoyed every moment at the lake.

My hope is that I have more chances to return to the cottage and that this will be the beginning of a renewed family tradition.

I live on the Mississippi River. ¬†A small town right on the river. ¬†I have all my life. ¬†It’s wonderful and charming, but… There’s something about lake life that trumps river life. ¬†It’s cleaner. ¬†It’s quieter. ¬†It’s less aggravation to allergies! ¬†ūüôā

It was a brief visit, almost like a dream.  But I will always cherish the memories.


A nice welcome to the VFW Friday evening.

A nice welcome to the VFW Friday evening.

Aunts and Uncle as he speaks.  He stood behind each empty chair and spoke of the family member it represented.  Very  moving.

Aunts and Uncle as he speaks. He stood behind each empty chair and spoke of the family member it represented. Very moving.

The wooded portal to another world.  Leads to the cottage and the lake.

The wooded portal to another world. Leads to the cottage and the lake.

Grandgirl's first look at a lake I've heard about most of my life.

Grandgirl’s first look at a lake I’ve heard about most of my life.

The cottage.  See the tree growing up through the roof?  The porch was actually built around the tree.  The holes must be expanded as the tree grows.

The cottage. See the tree growing up through the roof? The porch was actually built around the tree. The holes must be expanded as the tree grows.


Sun setting on Friday

Sun setting on Friday

Old water pump.  Never did find out if it still works.  Charm.

Old water pump. Never did find out if it still works. Charm.

The tree from inside the porch.  You almost run into it when you come in the door.

The tree from inside the porch. You almost run into it when you come in the door.

From the lake.  Lovely.  Private.  Quiet. Perfect.

From the lake. Lovely. Private. Quiet. Perfect.

We had a brief rain delay on both Saturday and Sunday.  Even the rain was awesome.

We had a brief rain delay on both Saturday and Sunday. Even the rain was awesome.

Grandgirl with the catch of the day on Saturday!

Grandgirl with the catch of the day on Saturday!

This little guy stayed at the lake.

This little guy stayed at the lake.

I know I’ve rambled on, so thank you for allowing me to share this journey with you. ¬†

Please remember to find me on Facebook!  

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